From psychology blogs to self help sites, depression and anxiety occupy a popular niche in mental health topics.  That’s both encouraging and sad; sad because with the rising number of shares on my Feedly, I know that people are passing the links on to people who need the information to deal with their own mental health issues.  On the other hand, it’s encouraging to know that there’s an open dialogue going about both conditions.  Here’s a list of the best posts on depression and anxiety.

8 Misconceptions About Mental Health and Mental Illness.

How Children Inherit Depression and Anxiety From Their Parents.

10 Tips for Supporting Your Spouse During Mental Illness.


Dear Friend: This is Depression.

The Key to Helping a Person Who is Depressed.

Depressed women found to have overabundance of specific receptor gene.

How to Be Gentle With Your Depression.

Depression: Lost and Found.

Project Semicolon Empowers People With Depression.

5 Ways to Know if Your Loved One is Suffering from Depression.

Major Depression Linked to Smaller Hippocampus.

The Ironic Effect Depression Has on Managing the Emotions.

Antidepressant Trials Exclude Most “Real World” People With Depression.


Idle Hands are Anxiety’s Playthings?

Study Reveals the Best Treatment for Panic Attacks.

Is Anxiety Always Bad?

Practicing Self-Compassion When Dealing With Anxiety.

Anxiety More than Depression Concerns College Students Today.

Increased Anxiety Linked to Simple Behavior You’re Probably Doing Right Now.

4 Powerful Mantras to Help You Deal With Fear and Anxiety.

Anxiety: The Reason it Can Socially Isolate You.

A Practical Way to Reduce Social Anxiety.


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