Case Study: Legal Firm

The Project:


The social media strategy for the legal client is was based on three social media platforms and direct email marketing and focused on the following:

  • Developing consistent content strategy across all social media platforms
  • Introduce the firm’s services and authority to new audiences.
  • Create authorative content that led users back to the firm’s website
  • Utilize timely news items in website and social media promotions.

Sample of styled images + integration of user-generated content

Strategy & Tactics: 

  • Developed consistent social media content and posting schedule focused on driving key messaging
  • Developed influencer marketing strategy to widen the firm’s exposure throughout a geograhpic market
  • Developed an email newsletter schedule to maintain direct contact between the firm and preselected audience.
  • Styled images promoting the firm on social media channels
  • Developed Facebook advertising campaign to expand reach and further brand awareness efforts
  • Actively monitored social media accounts for brand engagement, conversation, and mentions
  • Created Facebook Live events for users to ask general legal questions

The Results:

Key Instagram Wins

  • Increased Instagram followers by 219% adding 6.9k+ new followers
  • Increased weekly Instagram impressions by 850% to an average of 10.6k+ impressions per week
  • Increased user-generated content submissions by 860% to an average of 85 mentions of the brand each week

Key Facebook Wins

  • Increased post engagements by 1200% from an average of 49 weekly engagements to 850+ weekly engagements
  • Increased weekly impressions of posts by 320% to an average of 8k+ impressions
  • Increased community by 117% to 8.5k+ Facebook fans