Tools to fight fear #4: Courage

You might think that courage would come in at number one, but in order to have courage, you need to have a store of energy, a positive perspective and loads of determination to see things through. I mentioned in the introduction that anxiety often substitutes itself for assertiveness, and if you are tired of running from the room in search of relief from your anxiety and you’re ready to stand

My Nightmare With Southwest Airlines Leads to a New Fiverr Gig

  Southwest airlines and their abysmal customer service has a silver lining in a new Fiverr gig. If you haven’t been in the loop, this past Sunday, my Mother and I experienced a horrible experience at the hands of Southwest Airlines.  I’ve tried three times to contact Southwest and resolve my issue but the only way I can mange to get in touch with them is via a five (yes-

Finding foreign publishing markets for freelance writers

  Freelancers living in North America have a great central resource for finding markets that accept submissions from freelance writers.  The Writer’s Market has been the bible for finding publishers and magazine editors located in Canada and the United States.  But for a writer who wants to expand her career and write for overseas markets, finding those markets can be difficult. The bad news is that there isn’t a single