Tools to fight fear #1: Determination

  If you lack determination, don’t worry that it’s a moral issue. It means that currently you’re lacking in: Intrinsic Motivation: This is an internal motivation, everything that lives amongst your deepest needs and desires. Without intrinsic motivation, there is no unmet goal or desire. You have nothing to move you forward towards something.   You may be in a situation where you’ve been so hurt in the past that you

Why you’ll always be second place [Video]

    It’s not a lack of know-how that keeps you in second place.  It’s the smell of desperation that holds you back from become the best at what you do. The truth is that it’s your attitude (and your mistaken business practices) that keep you in second place.  In this video, I talk about how your own actions work to keep you number two (no pun intended).  The biggest

My Nightmare With Southwest Airlines Leads to a New Fiverr Gig

  Southwest airlines and their abysmal customer service has a silver lining in a new Fiverr gig. If you haven’t been in the loop, this past Sunday, my Mother and I experienced a horrible experience at the hands of Southwest Airlines.  I’ve tried three times to contact Southwest and resolve my issue but the only way I can mange to get in touch with them is via a five (yes-

The Fear of Success on sale for $2.99 this week

  The popularity of my e-book, The Fear of Success has taken off this past year.  I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of new readers (thank you!)  That’s also led to a rise in new newsletter subscribers. I’m thrilled to know that the book has been helping you all, and just to celebrate, the price is going down for three days only on Kindle, May 28-30th.  

Finding foreign publishing markets for freelance writers

  Freelancers living in North America have a great central resource for finding markets that accept submissions from freelance writers.  The Writer’s Market has been the bible for finding publishers and magazine editors located in Canada and the United States.  But for a writer who wants to expand her career and write for overseas markets, finding those markets can be difficult. The bad news is that there isn’t a single