Tools to fight fear #7: Resilience

  Add all six of the previous tool together, and you get resilience. Resilience gets a bad rap as being the willingness to endure hardship, or the ability to keep going on after being a victim, but in reality resilience is neither of those things. Resilience gives you three things that you need to fight any fear. The ability to recover quickly. Want to shake it off? If you’re resilient,

Tools to fight fear #6: Poise

  Poise is really for advanced adventurers, because it develops as a result of previously successfully confronting and defeating a fear. Poise is one of those really cool battle scars you get, and it’s what allows you to summon up more courage as you go further down the road. For me, the definition of poise is “courage that is not controlled or dependent on emotion.” Poise tells me that I’ve

Tools to fight fear #2: Perspective

  The second tool that you’ll need in your arsenal to tackle fear is perspective.  We looked earlier at how determination provides a powerful engine for keeping you going past fear.  Today, we’re giving the same treatment to your perspective.  While determination is the fuel that keeps you going, perspective determines how you see every aspect of your situation. “Do I really have what it takes to go trough this? 

How to use meditation to manage anxiety and panic attacks

Youngey Mingyur Rinpoche changed my view of Buddhism and anxiety when I learned that he struggled with panic attacks from an early age.  For some people, depression and anxiety go hand in hand, while others deal exclusively with anxiety issues. Any time any spiritual leader opens up about dealing with mental illness, it has a profound impact on me. For the full story of how he used his Buddhist faith