French films in the Public Domain

  Don’t feel as if you have to pay loads of money to find movies filmed in French.  You Tube has some gems, and some users have made playlists of short films.  The Internet Archive has French films (some of them silent films) that you can watch for free, and that are within the Public Domain. New to watching films in the Public Domain?  It can be a mixed bag,

Freelance Writing for international markets- YES if you only speak English

Most freelance writers FREAK OUT at the idea of going overseas to find markets.  The first thing they worry about is contacting an editor who might not speak their language.  But the truth is that there are plenty of publications and websites from outside North America that are looking to work with new writers. If you’re worried that you can only speak and write in English, take heart.  You can

Review: The Ultimate Language Learning Secret, by Anthony Metivier

On the heels of his Magnetic Memory series, Anthony Metivier’s The Ultimate Language Learning Secret is a combination of self help book and an overview of his language learning method. If you aren’t familiar with the Magnetic Memory concept, Metivier often has one of his books offered for free on Kindle, and the method is basically the same for any language. Metiver states that there is an “ultimate learning secret,”

Vad improv lärt mig om livet

När jag bodde i Austin (den första tiden-jag helt planerar att flytta tillbaka), beslöt jag att ta improvisatoriska komedin klass, även kallad “Improv.” Jag var trött på dirigering anställd träningsprogram och känsla med förlust när någon frågade mig en snabb eller oförskämd fråga. Och vad jag lärt mig från dessa månader i improv tillämpas även på livet i allmänhet. Mitt jobb är att göra den andra personen som ser bra

Which language should you learn to speak?

  I found this quiz on Twitter.  Like every quiz on Buzzfed, you should take it with a grain of salt.  BUT if you’re still on the fence about which language you want to learn, this might be slightly more scientific than a coin toss:   Which language should you learn to speak?   I got Chinese- as if I needed another language to become obsessed over.