French films in the Public Domain

  Don’t feel as if you have to pay loads of money to find movies filmed in French.  You Tube has some gems, and some users have made playlists of short films.  The Internet Archive has French films (some of them silent films) that you can watch for free, and that are within the Public Domain. New to watching films in the Public Domain?  It can be a mixed bag,

Freelance Writing for international markets- YES if you only speak English

Most freelance writers FREAK OUT at the idea of going overseas to find markets.  The first thing they worry about is contacting an editor who might not speak their language.  But the truth is that there are plenty of publications and websites from outside North America that are looking to work with new writers. If you’re worried that you can only speak and write in English, take heart.  You can

What the European parliment’s linguistic preferences mean for freelance writers

  According to the numbers, the members of the European Parliament overwhelmingly prefer to speak and communicate in English.  How does that reflect the potential freelance writing clients you encounter in European countries?  Does English really rule supreme?  Is there any reason to fiddle with learning a second language?  Are you wasting both time and money doing so? Every day I hear a variation of two headlines: “Don’t worry- you

Being bilingual sparks your creativity

  Psychology Today posted an article on the link between bilingualism and creativity.  Since I’m a sucker for improving either, I gobbled it up as soon as it hit my RSS reader. One part in particular drew my attention: Allowing yourself to be influenced by a particular language’s mechanics, especially in regard to the syntax and the formations of its figurative language, with emphasis here on the metaphor – contributes