Tools to fight fear #7: Resilience

  Add all six of the previous tool together, and you get resilience. Resilience gets a bad rap as being the willingness to endure hardship, or the ability to keep going on after being a victim, but in reality resilience is neither of those things. Resilience gives you three things that you need to fight any fear. The ability to recover quickly. Want to shake it off? If you’re resilient,

Tools to fight fear #6: Poise

  Poise is really for advanced adventurers, because it develops as a result of previously successfully confronting and defeating a fear. Poise is one of those really cool battle scars you get, and it’s what allows you to summon up more courage as you go further down the road. For me, the definition of poise is “courage that is not controlled or dependent on emotion.” Poise tells me that I’ve

Tools to fight fear #4: Courage

You might think that courage would come in at number one, but in order to have courage, you need to have a store of energy, a positive perspective and loads of determination to see things through. I mentioned in the introduction that anxiety often substitutes itself for assertiveness, and if you are tired of running from the room in search of relief from your anxiety and you’re ready to stand

Tools to fight fear #1: Determination

  If you lack determination, don’t worry that it’s a moral issue. It means that currently you’re lacking in: Intrinsic Motivation: This is an internal motivation, everything that lives amongst your deepest needs and desires. Without intrinsic motivation, there is no unmet goal or desire. You have nothing to move you forward towards something.   You may be in a situation where you’ve been so hurt in the past that you

How to use meditation to manage anxiety and panic attacks

Youngey Mingyur Rinpoche changed my view of Buddhism and anxiety when I learned that he struggled with panic attacks from an early age.  For some people, depression and anxiety go hand in hand, while others deal exclusively with anxiety issues. Any time any spiritual leader opens up about dealing with mental illness, it has a profound impact on me. For the full story of how he used his Buddhist faith

Success takes more than willpower

Some days, it seems that you can only get through the day by sheer willpower. In this month’s edtion of Psychology Today I found an article that suggests that willpower alone may not be enough. It operates at a level that can’t be sustained.  If you go after a new program with full ferocity, eventually you’ll burn out of energy.  You can best see that with New Year’s Resolutions.  No

Accepting your faults without beating yourself up

  When does the thought”I screwed up” morph into a form of self flagellation?  Where is that line and is it the same for all of us?  How do we deal with our faults without making things harder on ourselves? I don’t know about you. but I spent my twenties being extremely hard on myself.  Every time I made a mistake, I came up with ways to punish myself.  I

Letting change into your life

So you’ve decided that you want to change your life.  But are you changing it into something realistic?  Are you just gravitating towards something because you think it’s something you “should do?”  Ask yourself some questions to see if you’re building a realistic future for yourself.  Is achieving it within your goal?   If you suddenly decided to become a pro hockey player, you may be setting yourself up for

When you think you’re an imposter

  Do you still think that you’re a fraud?  Are you convinced that security will come in any second and escort you out of the ballroom? One of the very first blog posts I wrote was about those of us who suffer from the Impostor Syndrome. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a little voice inside your head that asks “Who do you think you are?  You don’t deserve

How to kick start innovation

  Creative types—especially those of us in artistic fields—love to hear the word “innovative” attached to our ideas.  The feeling that we’ve rewritten the book on what is and will be does so much to stroke our egos.  But true innovation doesn’t necessarily come from rewriting the book. Know when to use the system and when to buck it.  When Michaly Csikszentmihaly released his groundbreaking study, Creativity:  Flow and the