Freelance Writing for international markets- YES if you only speak English

Most freelance writers FREAK OUT at the idea of going overseas to find markets.  The first thing they worry about is contacting an editor who might not speak their language.  But the truth is that there are plenty of publications and websites from outside North America that are looking to work with new writers. If you’re worried that you can only speak and write in English, take heart.  You can

Spanish set to become massively important in both U. S. and U. K.

According to The Guardian Spanish is set to become a major language in both the United States and the United Kingdom.    That’s not news to Americans, but I was shocked to see the major impact the newspaper expects the language to have in the U. K. So what does that mean for freelance writers? Get out a Spanish dictionary and start learning the language, fer cryin’ out loud!  If you’re

Finding foreign publishing markets for freelance writers

  Freelancers living in North America have a great central resource for finding markets that accept submissions from freelance writers.  The Writer’s Market has been the bible for finding publishers and magazine editors located in Canada and the United States.  But for a writer who wants to expand her career and write for overseas markets, finding those markets can be difficult. The bad news is that there isn’t a single

Why don’t you try mentoring yourself?

If you’re doing things on your own, you can still experience the loneliness that comes with being a one person shop.  You still need the moral and business support that comes from having a mentor there to guide you.  So what can you do?  You can step in and take the mentor  role yourself. Becoming a Mentor to Yourself For years, I thought I couldn’t really get any momentum going

How to train yourself like a boss

  As an employee, you can sit through hours of useless training.  Once, our agency was offering training in Filemaker Pro 8, and our division was using version 4.  Yes, those government jobs are cushy.  Things like that meant that we really didn’t get much useful training in order to do our jobs. One of the perks of working for yourself is that you never have to torture yourself with

New writer mistakes- Part I

Just like anything in life, the hardest part of freelancing is just getting started.  If you’ve spent your working years as an employee, you’ve probably used to work just coming to you.  You look in your inbox and your boss has something more for you to do. That’s not the case when you’re freelancing.  You are responsible for finding jobs on your own. This is where most of us keep

How to find websites that will pay for your writing

Yes, there are websites out there that will pay you more than a mere pittance for your writing.  Googling will yield some great places that you’ve probably never even heard of. Try using these search terms (surrounded by quotation marks to help target your results): “submission guidelines” “write for us” “writer’s guidelines” “how to write for us” As new sites and publications spring up, you’ll find more places to writer

Utilize local media to boost your writing career

    If you’re skipping your media outlets (radio,newspaper and TV stations) as “too small” you’re missing out on a great platform for your writing. After the Recession hit, news rooms were forced to cut staff, and local and weeklies suffered some of the deepest cuts. The papers are looking for content, and they’re desperately looking for dependable people who can write it for them. You can contact the editor