The Discipline of Relaxing

I’m not disciplined enough to take time off. It’s embarrassing to even admit it, but it’s true.  Yesterday Ann Wayman posted a great short (and therefore to the point) article on the importance of being disciplined enough to know when to pull back and take a break. And I totally agree with her- it’s a much needed practice that reflects dedication to furthering my career. And as much as I

5 Surprising Things I learned from being self- employed

5 Surprising Things I learned from being self- employed It’s become a cliché that being self employed is a growing experience, and I knew that working for myself would be rewarding. What I didn’t realize, however, was just how much self development would go on during the front end of my career. Or how much it would change and affirm me, depending on the situation. 1. I really wasn’t kidding

What improv taught me about life

  When I lived in Austin (the first time- I’m totally planning on moving back), I decided to take improvisational comedy class, also called “Improv.”  I was tired of conducting employee training programs and feeling at a loss when someone asked me an off the cuff or rude question.  And what I learned from those months in improv also applied to life in general. My job is to make the

Lessons in diplomacy from David Tutera

You know those times when you are forced to stand back and watch someone make a mistake? And you really want to jump in and diplomatically say something to help them out? And you don’t because you’re scared that they’ll kill you for piping up? Oh, sure you do. I found a way to use constructive criticism and it came from the most unlikely of places: a wedding themed reality

Fear of Success- Fear of Loneliness

This series is based on one of the most helpful books in my journey to becoming an entrepreneur. As soon as I made the commitment to being a freelancer, I realized that I was doing more than anyone to put the brakes on my own success. Half of me, it seemed wanted it more than anything. And another, darker half, wanted nothing more than avoid even trying to make things

The worst kind of success

  Jay-z said once in an article that it was important for him to do things on his own terms, and be truthful to himself and his own vision of who he was an artist. And that he fought tooth and nail to keep from trying to do things the way that other people did. And to keep from being a copycat. “Because the worst kind of success is being