Southwest airlines and their abysmal customer service has a silver lining in a new Fiverr gig.

If you haven’t been in the loop, this past Sunday, my Mother and I experienced a horrible experience at the hands of Southwest Airlines.  I’ve tried three times to contact Southwest and resolve my issue but the only way I can mange to get in touch with them is via a five (yes- FIVE!) page letter addressed to Southwest Airlines chairman and The VP of Customer service.


You can read the full text of the letter here.


As a freelancer, I live and die by how much work I can possibly squeeze into an hour.  I’ve been extremely upset since this absurd saga began at 10 am Sunday June 8th.  I was worried about how much work I was losing while trying to contact Southwest.  I needn’t have worried, as it turns out, because I’ve managed to find a way to make up for all of the lost time and income.

I’ve sold articles to consumer and business magazines already addressing topics including customer service standards, brand dilution, and how Southwest’s repeated errors can help small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.  At the suggestion of a fellow freelancer, I’ve decided today to add ghost writer to my menu of freelance writing services.

As a Beta test, I’m going to start with a Fiverr gig for ghost letter writing services for consumer complaints to see how much real interest I can generate.  The gig won’t be live on Fiverr for another 24 hours or so.  For now, you can check my profile on Fiverr.

Yes, I’ve been a vocal critic of writers who try to build their entire career on Fiverr as unrealistic and a quick way to the poor house.  Since this service is purely consumer-driven, I’m trying to market my services where I think potential customers would be.

When or if this new business venture crashes and burns, of course I’ll post about it.  Then I’ll create some Udemy courses and e-Books chronicling my mistakes.


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