The third tool that you need to successfully fight fear is energy.  Along with determination and perspective, energy is a tool that you’ll need throughout your confrontation with fear.  And yes, you’ll have to confront your fear; no use trying to tiptoe past it, hoping it doesn’t see you.

Before we go any further, let’s look at what “energy” is not.  Being “energetic” is not always being in a heightened state of arousal.  If that were the case, you could call an anxiety attack “being energized.”  Energy is not always up or at the highest point that you can be without exploding.  Did you know that cellulite is untapped energy?  If you do enough exercise, your body eats up the excess fat as fuel, which take the pounds off of your body.

Do you work best when you are relaxed or invigorated?  You can be a powerful force while you are relaxing.  Relaxing often gets a bad rap for laziness, but relaxation is a great way to conserve or even utilize energy.  Relaxing can also be viewed as going back down to your optimized energy level, the level when you are at your best.  Zen masters are highly effective, but you don’t see them working themselves up into a frenzy just to be effective.

Introverts thrive on lower forms of energy, so if you have an introverted personality, you will be more effective by lowering your energy level to one that allows your to focus and concentrate on what you’re doing.  Too much energy can be distracting and cause your system to “short circuit” because you don’t have a a way to deal with the unnecessary thoughts, worries or   distractions.  You’ll need to center in order to get rid of that excess energy.

Centering involves shifting from your Left Brain (which unfairly gets stuck with most of the work regulating your mind and body- GIVE IT A BREAK!) towards your Right Brain.  The Right Brain is an expert at dealing with abstract concepts (like being afraid of public speaking or any other thing that does not involve a concrete threat like a bear with its fangs bared), so activating it gives part of your brain a much needed break and the other one the chance to chip in and make a helpful contribution.

If you’ve looked at mind/body literature, you’ve no doubt heard the word “meditate” until you’re sick of it.  Meditation, the centering of your brain is especially helpful in this situation because you’re using the organ that creates the fear to combat the fear directly.  Your brain knows how to reason with your brain, and instead of working against it (concentrating on the fear), you can use it as an ally to get rid of the fear.


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