By laura finger

The Lord be

With You

St. George’s Series

Facing declining attendance, St. George’s Episcopal Church in tiny Chandler, MS, is at a crossroads.  

Best Selling Author

Laura Finger



Laura Finger writes fiction with a dash of humor and not an overdoes of sacchrine.  Realizing that Christian fiction had a gap the size of the Grand Canyon for Progressive Christians, she set out using her upbringing as a Preacher’s Kid to good use for once.  The St. George’s Series follows a small congregation struggling to survive in a post- Covid world.  

Before becoming an author, Laura worked as an archivist and Records Manager for the State of Texas.  Although she currently resides outside of Texas, her heart still remains there.  

Between writing, Laura spends her time crunching numbers to figure out how to beat her 5k and half marathon times.  She also spends a lot of money on art supplies she sometimes uses beore they dry out. 

Other Books

And Also With You

Book 2 of the St, George’s Series. us natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes.

The Middle Way

Book 3 of the St. George’s Series.  Success comes with a tradeoff for the congregation of St. George’s. 

Smells and Bells

Book 4 of the St. George’s Series.  Trouble continues to dodge the congregation of St. George’s. 

Walk in Love

Book 5 of the St. George’s Series.  As the church learns that


A honest portrayal of today’s Episcopal church. Nothing’s candy- coated here. You encounter people you meet on the street.


– Melanie Mc Bride


One minute I’m snorting with laughter. The next I’m shaking my head at how familiar this sounds.

– Kandis LeFleur


I think we need more raw honestly in our Christian Fiction.

– Jason Robertson

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